Oops, No Doodles!

I’m pretty sure that every blog post I’ve written has been accompanied by one of my poorly drawn doodles. I’m changing things up today for two reasons: laziness and awesomeness. The first image I’m sharing would take too long to doodle, so I’m not going to bother. The second image shouldn’t be tarnished by my shitty doodles, because it’s just that great.

Earlier this week, I was reviewing Little Man’s homework, which was a worksheet on inference. Halfway through it, I was at the “almost peed my pants” stage of laughter.

You can zoom in to read the story, but I’m going to put the questions and Little Man’s answers below, since his handwriting isn’t the most legible in the world.

2. Describe Alice: She has O.C.D.

3. What relationship do Paul and Alice have? Wife & husband…because Alice is making him put everything in a certain place.

Little Man told me that I’m just like Alice. He’s right in a way, but not the way he thinks. My asking people not to wear shoes on a floor I just mopped is not akin to not letting someone in the house until their dirty clothes are off and in a garbage bag.

The same day as the inference sheet, we were walking through Walmart looking at clearance toys. He had gotten a Jyn Erso (Rogue One) Lego figure for a whopping $3 the last time, and we wanted to see if they had any more on sale. They did have a storm trooper and a couple other male characters from The Force Awakens, but their sale price was $15.

“That’s not fair!” Little Man exclaimed. “Why did they mark down someone as awesome as Jyn Erso for $3, but keep the boy ones at $15? What are they trying to say, that girls aren’t as good as boys?”

After telling him that it was possible that they just had a surplus of Jyn Erso figures, our conversation led to talking about some of the challenges females face in our society. Little Man is one of those kids who is always asking the hard questions, so we’ve talked a bit about inequality and some of the privileges that he was born into before. Later that evening, he was doodling on a sheet of paper and showed me this:

That’s Little Man and Baby Girl.

Like the Grinch, my heart grew three sizes. ❤

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Mother’s Day Part One

I hope everyone had a nice, relaxing Mother’s Day yesterday (or a nice Sunday). My husband cooked me some of my favorite things (steak and bacon), plus ran a bubble bath for me and took the kids out of the house so I could enjoy it in peace, so I was a happy girl.

My family got me a few presents for Mother’s Day yesterday. One present has yet to be delivered, but my husband showed me a picture (so it counts) — an air fryer. This is cool because a) we can enjoy fried foods for less calories and b) I won’t risk burning the house down again trying to fry stuff. (There will definitely be a post for this one soon.) I was also given a gift made by Little Man that will get a post all of its own. And then there was an awesome gift that made me geek out — an R2-D2 measuring cup set.

The set looks exactly like an R2-D2 toy while assembled.

It comes apart into measuring cups and measuring spoons of varying sizes. Rather than attempt to draw a butchered looking R2-D2, you can view the real deal here.

I had barely taken R2-D2 out of the gift bag when the kids began clamoring over who would get to hold him first. Because obviously, the recipient of the Mother’s Day gift wouldn’t have dibs. And when they realized that he comes apart, well, all hell broke loose.

Apparently my kids’ arms do the Stretch Armstrong thing when they’re fighting over something.

Thanks, guys.

The next time my husband and I do any gift giving, we’ll have to make sure we give the non-boring gifts in private.

As a little bonus, I’m going to close this with a doodle from Little Man. He saw me drawing the R2-D2 and drew C-3P0 on his tablet to go with this.

How was your weekend?

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#AtoZChallenge: V is for Vader

It’s no secret that the people in the Dorky household have quite a love for Star Wars. I remember the first time I watched Star Wars — when I was 20 — with the guy I was dating who would later go on to be my husband. I was in hysterics over the special effects (we watched an old VHS copy that hadn’t been remastered), and didn’t care too much for the whole space thing at first. (Despite my fascination with Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, I’m not generally a fan of the sci-fi or fantasy genres.)

But, that changed, and I became enthralled by the story. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve watched various episodes since then, but it’s been a lot. Naturally, we passed this love on to the kids.

Little Man got his first light saber when he was three. We had banned guns, but thought the light saber would be fine. As it turns out, being cracked across one’s knuckles with a light saber does a bit more damage (hello, burst blood vessels) than a toy gun. (Except for the time I shot my husband in the eye with a Nerf gun, anyway.) We let him watch bits and pieces of the Star Wars movies around that time, and Little Man quickly became obsessed with Darth Vader, but later moved to Luke, and now has focused his interest on Princess Leia. Cough, almost tween, cough. Baby Girl also loves Star Wars. I have an adorable video of her when the opening crawl comes on and she starts shouting “Star Wars! It’s Star Wars!” and dancing. She’s also pretty good with a light saber.

For today’s doodles, I’m going to share a couple of things that the kids have said.

Right, the heat from the food was exactly like that.

Baby Girl’s love for Darth Vader isn’t as great as her love for Batman, but it’s still up there. You can sometimes hear her marching around the house humming Imperial March, and she goes all fangirl whenever Vader appears on the screen.

One day she’ll figure out that things don’t usually end well when that red light saber appears.

Are you a Star Wars fan? Which movie was your favorite?

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