The Google Home Infatuation

I recently purchased a new Chromebook. The old one I had was four years old, super slow, and looked like this:


Since my job requires me to use a computer, it simply would not do. Sure, I could sit down at the desktop, but I’m a person who like to write from the comfort of her couch, so a new laptop was crucial to my laziness. I had to buy four laptops (and return four laptops) before I settled on the Chromebook I ended up with, and I love it. And with that laptop, we got a Google Home Mini device for free.

At first I was all “Yay, free tech item!” but it has since become the bane of my existence.

The kids are straight up obsessed with Google Home. They’re constantly yelling at the thing.

“Hey Google, tell me a joke!”

“Hey Google, play the Spiderman song!”

“Hey Google, not THAT Spiderman song, the other one!”

“Hey Google, what’s 12×13?”

(Little Man has since been instructed not to use Google Home to do his math homework.)

Baby Girl has taken her obsession to the extreme. She legit thinks that there is a mini person in there talking to her, and gets upset that she can’t go  in herself to see her. Here are a few of the cute interactions she’s had:

Not doodled is when Baby Girl asked Little Man to play the Google Home Game today. There are no words or doodles for that.

So yeah, I mostly hate Google Home with a passion now. I’m thinking about putting it on the table…it’d only be a matter of time before one of the kids had an accident and spilled something.

Is anyone tech obsessed in your house?

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