Apocalypse To-Do List

Head’s up before reading — this is in no way meant to minimize the hardships people are facing right now. As I mentioned in my first post back, humor is my way of dealing with trying situations. Continue on if you wish.

When rumors of schools closing and activities being called off ramped up last week, I saw a few folks mention looking for the bright side in the situation. “You’ll get to spend more time with you family and have a chance to catch up on projects on your to-do lists.” I’ll take any silver lining I can get, so I got out my notepad and jotted down some I wanted to get done since it seemed inevitable that a shutdown of some sort would occur. Since I’m a procrastinator and have neglected other to-do lists, I was able to come up with a lot of ideas, something that didn’t thrill my husband, since many items involved him. (I think it kills a tiny part of his soul every time he sees one of my lists.)

I’ve got my lists done now — yes, lists plural. There is a list for things I need to do, things I want to do, and things I should’ve done a long time ago. Aside from doodling for this blog, cleaning out the laundry room (ideally, only the washer, dryer, and things necessary to wash clothes would be in there, but instead it’s like a junk drawer…a 5′ by 10′ junk drawer), and keeping up with cleaning and the kids’ homeschool work, that’s all I have accomplished this week. The kids are out of school for at least one more week (I’d be very surprised if they go back April 1, though), so I have more time to not accomplish things.

On to the doodles.

Here are some sort of serious and sort of jokey to-do list items:

For the purposes of this post, I am now left-handed.

I have never shied away from talking about my boobs before, and I don’t plan to now. So, I haven’t left the house since last Friday, and I haven’t worn a bra since then, either. We needed a couple of things from Home Depot today, and my husband offered to let me go since I haven’t gone anywhere, but I wanted to see how long I can stay on this bra-free kick, so I declined.

Let’s see how well I think I’ll do with that to-do list…

Netflix, my old friend! Can’t blame anyone for starting off with a little bingewatching, right?

And who says a bingewatch can’t last for a week and a half?

Yeah, maybe that much TV isn’t healthy.

Going bra-less is contaminating my food. Send help. The shutdown doesn’t look very good on me.

Have a good and safe weekend.

What’s on your shutdown to-do list?

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