Shop The Dork

I’m not generally the type of person who tries to sell people things. I don’t do pushy. This is why starting a small retail business probably wasn’t the best idea for me — my motto was “Here’s the stuff I’m selling. Buy it if you want to. Or don’t.”

So, you likley won’t see blog posts from me asking you to buy my stuff, but I am going to leave links that you can check out.


You can find this coffee mug on RedBubble. I’ll be creating and adding more graphics to choose from on a variety of products in the near future.


This one isn’t Dorky Mom Doodles related. My Etsy shop is called Don’t Give A Hoot Shop. I create vinyl decals and custom photo pendant necklaces. I don’t have a lot listed yet, as Facebook has been my focus. I put the images on in a hurry, so I need to improve those soon, but you can still check it out here or send an email to with any custom requests.