Leveling Up In Parenting

Much like a video game, there are times when you’ve improved/accomplished enough that you can move up to the next parenting level. That doesn’t happen often for me — out of the ten established parenting levels, a two is usually my baseline — but I did level up recently. It was pretty much an accident, but I’ll take it.

Baby Girl wanted me to play hide and seek with her one day. I’m not too wild about playing hide and seek with her because of how she plays. Her “tactics” were cute when she was one, but now they make me fear for her a little bit.

See? Literally this is all she does — she puts her head under a pillow or blanket and yells for me to come and find her. That’s it. Like her face being hidden is enough for the world to suddenly not know where she is. (This was especially amusing the time she decided to “hide” after she got undressed for her bath and I found her with her bum sticking up.) Usually I’m still sitting beside of her when she hides and says she’s ready for me to find her. Rarely am I allowed to hide, and when I do hide, she wants me to hide under a cover or a blanket on the bed, and then declares that SHE is hiding and I’m to find her instead, two feet away from me, partially under a blanket. She’d be the first to go in a horror movie.

At this point we’re kind of wondering how much longer we’re going to have to keep pretending that she’s a) hiding and that we’re b) finding her. I wonder if on some level if she’s just screwing with us, to see how long she can keep it going, but then that’d make her a little evil genius, and I’ve already got one of those in the house.

But when Baby Girl wants to play hide and seek, usually I do. The time that I leveled up, I tried again to encourage her to for real hide and for real seek. On her turn, she went straight to the bedroom and partially hid under the blanket. On my turn, I made her count and went and hid in the laundry room. I waited and waited and waited. And then my husband knocked on the door.


A light bulb went off over my head — I can now hide all I want and she can never get to me. And considering how small her hands are, I could probably do this forever. (Really, though, my MIL is tiny like Baby Girl, and she can rarely open the doorknobs at our house because her hands are so small.)

Yep, parenting level up.

And then I leveled back down when I blurted out “That’s what she said!” in response to a comment Little Man made. Oops again.

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Harry and Me are on Parent.com!

Fellow blogger Max has been published on Parent.com. Do take a minute to check out his blog (the link to his piece is there); I think you’ll enjoy the piece and his blog posts as much as I do.

Breakfast With Harry


Hello, if you’re so inclined, please click here and read an essay of mine that Parent.com was good enough to publish this week. “Love by Numbers” is about Harry tearing open a bunch of the 277 letters I’ve spent years writing to him, and how I, a lifelong OCD sufferer, handle that. I’m pretty proud of the writing, and I think it has a “message,” but I’ll let you (potential reader) decide want it is.

Oh, if you enjoy “Love by Numbers,” do me a favor, and share it on social media. If the piece gets enough shares, I get a cash bonus.

End of shameless self-promotion.


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Monday’s Mama is Two-Dimensional AF.

Thanks to Darlene for having me participate in her Monday’s Mama feature! There’s a petition, too, so check it out.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in James’s Giant Peach? Or maybe Toontown? Or a Cool World?

Screenshot 2017-08-30 at 2.22.41 PM

Erika from Dorky Mom Doodles totally lives in that world with her family. At least, she lives there on the internet (where you can be anything you want to be especially if you want to be mean in the comment section which Erika is decidedly NOT).

Screenshot 2017-08-30 at 2.21.48 PM

Erika is SUPER nice. A super nice cartoon mom that shares all of the hilarious things her cartoon family does with all of us three dimensional people. She’s basically the Matt Groenig of Mommy Blogs and EVERYONE loves the Simpsons.

If you haven’t seen Dorky Mom Doodles, go check her out now. I’ll wait.

You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter. She isn’t on Instagram anymore but she TOTALLY belongs there. Doodles belong in squares!!…

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Dumbass of the Day Award

This one goes to me. I was setting up a page to promote my Etsy shop and part of that page talks about how I’m not one to really post stuff for sale on a blog post. It doesn’t really fit in with my content. I was just going to put it in the menu bar, out of the way (but hopefully noticeable).

And then I hit “Publish,” attempted to add the page to my menu and discovered that I hadn’t created a page, but a post. Which was sent out to y’all.

Egg on my face.

I swear this wasn’t planned to promote without promoting. (Or something like that.)

Now I’ll go put my Dumbass of the Day Award on my shelf next to my “Okayest Mom of the Year” award. (And maybe I’ll even do a doodle for this new award later tonight or tomorrow morning, because why not?)