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One of my favorite things about blogging is the ability to connect with people. As someone who is introverted and struggles with social anxiety at times, it can sometimes be hard to make those connections in real life. Blogging, however, is a different story. In the almost two years that I’ve been at this blog, I’ve connected with a number of awesome people. One of those people is Becca, who blogs at With Love, Becca.

Becca is seriously funny, and if you aren’t already following her blog or following her on Facebook, I highly encourage you to do so. If you like laughing, then it’s a no-brainer.

While I was working on  my book, Becca was one of the few people I reached out to for support. Becca didn’t hesitate to help, and she reviewed an early copy of the book and wrote a blurb for it, which you’ll see as soon as you open the cover (or flip to the first page in the eBook). Becca is still supporting me in this endeavor, and this week she is doing so by hosting an eBook giveaway.

Check  out Becca’s blog post for the giveaway here. She writes about the book, and her comments hit me right in the feels.  You can enter directly from the widget on her blog. If you have already read the book, you can still share her post with others (or reblog this) and encourage them to enter. (And if you have read it, don’t forget to leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads!)

Thanks again, Becca. And thanks to everyone else who has been so supportive.


(And, yes, the title of this post is a reference to The Office. You can always tell what I’m watching on Netflix based on my references/gifs.)

Author: Erika

I’m a SAHM to two kids. When I’m not doing all the typical mom things (diapers, soccer, etc.), I like writing, reading, and playing games. Clearly I live the life of a rock star.

9 thoughts on “Read This Post ASAP As Possible”

    1. There should be a follow button on the top right sidebar of my blog. With Becca’s you may need to enter your email on the pop up to follow. From there you just have to check yes on the raffle to enter.


    1. Yep, published it towards the end of November. The content was two years in the making, but after I decided to put everything together, it took…I want to say 3-4 months. A lot of that was learning, though. If I did another one, I don’t think it would take nearly as long since I would know which mistakes not to make! Thanks!

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      1. If I could do it from the beginning again, I wouldn’t waste months messing around with photo editing and formatting. I would know that my pictures need to be a minimum 300 DPI and that using the Vellum software would solve any formatting issues. I had over 200 images in the book I think, and uploading, cropping, etc. everything only to later find out that the resolution was wrong for ALL of them was an absolute pain!

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