It’s Your Grave, Mommy

Kids can be creepy sometimes. I remember when Little Man once told me that he wanted to hold a beating heart one day. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve woken up in the middle of the night to find one of them staring at me. When I woke up to find Little Man sitting beside my pillow staring at me when he was about four, he told me that he liked watching me sleep. Did I say “creepy” already?

Baby Girl took the creepy stuff up a notch this weekend. I had my headphones on playing a video game with Little Man when my husband tapped me on the shoulder. I slid one of the speakers to the side to see what he wanted.

“Can you pause the game?” he asked.

“No. You can’t pause Fortnite. The storm is closing!” I slid the headphones back in place, and he tapped me on the shoulder again.

I slid the speaker to the side again. “What?”

“You’ll want to see this. Baby Girl drew a picture.”

I won’t lie–I was slightly annoyed. I hadn’t played the video game in a week, had a great weapon, and was ready to take out the other tweens and teens I was up against and get a kill count higher than Little Man’s. (I did, by the way, and he claimed it was because other people were cheating.) But whatever.

“Let me see the picture.”

My husband gave me this:

(I lost 10 Mom points there for not saying, “Tell me about your art.”)


Surely I had misheard her. My kids have done and said a lot of creepy stuff, but neither of them have ever killed me off.

I looked at my husband for verification.

What?! Was that my punishment for playing a video game–death?

I asked Baby Girl why she killed me, but she said she didn’t know. I was just dead and in my grave, and that was that. (I didn’t know she even knew what a grave was.) She didn’t appear to be angry with me, and she also didn’t seem very shook up about my death. She went back to drawing more pictures, and I went back to playing Fortnite. I made sure not to turn my back to her.

When I pressed her for more information while I was working on this post, she told me that she made me dead because she didn’t want to draw my face. I’m not sure why I had to be dead when she didn’t draw out two other faces and made them alive, though. I guess it’s somewhat comforting to know that my daughter killed me out of laziness. If I believe her.

What’s the creepiest thing your kid has ever said or done? 

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Author: Erika

I’m a SAHM to two kids. When I’m not doing all the typical mom things (diapers, soccer, etc.), I like writing, reading, and playing games. Clearly I live the life of a rock star.

32 thoughts on “It’s Your Grave, Mommy”

  1. Hahaha! Reminds me of my own daughter. One day I was hugging her and sad because she’s growing up too fast. “Where has my little baby girl gone?” I asked her. Her reply? “She’s dead, Mommy.” I have no clue where she gets this dark humor from.

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  2. The boy is very stealthy, still is, but he did the ‘stare to me while I sleep thing’ and I will never recover. Neither Sissy nor Moo were creepy at all. Sassy made a play grocery list once and it was so normal, “goldfish, milk, bread, yogurt” right up to “CHEF KNIFE, MACHETE…” I do not know. I have a photo of it, though. I blame the Army.
    I definitely think dead mommy probably just needed a rest. And I was so sure it was a bear! 😛

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  3. Bang asked us the other day, “What will Crash and I do if you and mom and all our grandparents die?” WTF? Kids are creepy little beasts, but at least they provide us with some funny stories to embarrass them with later (assuming we live long enough).

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    1. Damn! Did you tell him that Crash would be his boss and he’d have to do everything he says? He’d probably look out for your well-being if you did 😀


  4. Yikes! It was too long ago – I don’t remember my kids saying anything creepy like “It’s your grave.” My middle son once embarrassed the daylights out of me once by pointing at a nearby elderly woman and saying in a loud voice “Mommy, her hair is DISGUSTING!” (It was in a beehive style.)

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