If Toddlers Had Facebook

Isn’t Facebook great? You can go online and share everything about your life with your family, friends, acquaintances (aka people you met once), and stalkers. Whether it’s picture after picture chronicling your kids’ childhoods, because the whole world really needs to know about your 10-year-old’s haircut  (guilty as charged) or vague status updates about that someone in your life who needs to butt out and piss off, you can share it all on Facebook.

Some people hated it when “old people” (our parents and grandparents) got on Facebook. “It’s gonna be ruined!” they complained. And by “ruined” they meant, “I can’t post pictures of my half naked ass puking in the bushes or status updates about all the wild sex I’m having.” Aside from the often jumbled status updates about “COUSIN LENNY XLKSKD FIRE” and the 3,249 requests to play Farmville, it wasn’t that bad, though.

“Old people” definitely did not ruin Facebook. Sure, there might be an accidental — and highly inappropriate — gif or laughing reaction on a post about someone being on their deathbed, but that’s always good for a chuckle since it slightly lightens the situation. Even more so when they apologetically post about how they didn’t mean to put that or that Zuckerburg must have hacked their profiles. (Because deleting the offensive post is clearly not an option.)

(By the way, I’m putting quotation marks around “old people” because the people that we considered old a decade ago aren’t much that much older than we are now…)

Since we know what “old people” on Facebook looks like, let’s imagine for a moment that our toddlers got accounts and were given free reign. Their pictures would probably be just as bad as an older newcomer to Facebook. Where you might see an old person post three different profile pictures in various orientations until they get one that’s upright, you’d probably see pictures like this from a toddler:

Have you ever felt especially stabby when someone posts pictures about their amazing vacation while you’re stuck in the office or at home dealing with two projectile vomiting children and Laundry Mountain?

When you take a break for a minute and mindlessly scroll through Facebook, you’re faced with a picture that is angled just right to show off an adult beverage, toes, and sand.

If a toddler had a Facebook account, this is what they’d post:

And, of course, there would be the inevitable passive-aggressive comment from a jealous toddler friend…


Toddlers would also probably be just as self-conscious about the number of likes on their posts as the average angsty younger Millennial was.

And you know how new parents seems to be cursed with an affliction that causes them to overshare on Facebook during their child’s first year? Well, toddlers would probably be like that, too.

The best part of toddlers being on Facebook would be all of the drama, though. You know they’d have it. They go from one extreme mood to another in the snap of a finger, and just like an insecure 29-year-old who has had way too many shots of Fireball, there would be no hesitation in putting that drama all over Facebook.

Toddlers on Facebook would definitely be interesting.

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Author: Erika

I’m a SAHM to two kids. When I’m not doing all the typical mom things (diapers, soccer, etc.), I like writing, reading, and playing games. Clearly I live the life of a rock star.

34 thoughts on “If Toddlers Had Facebook”

  1. BWAHAHAHA! That’s brilliant. I think you nailed this one. The pictures are spot on. As are the status updates. I always laugh when Bang bolts up the stairs hollering “I gotta poop!” which is more than I care to admit. I holler back, “Thanks for the update!”

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  2. Ur all ded 2 me! At 52 followers, BG has more friends than I do – LOL. (and by the way, I could have used that remark you made on “Susan’s” post a couple of times already) Great post, Erika!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I truly enjoy reading what you share. I love, “…I’ll keep biting you.” So spot on. I, however, have given up Facebook and only blog and IG now. 🙂 Talk about a drop in drama. So glad I made that decision.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I kept FB messenger active and those who don’t have my cell, can contact me that way. I get pics on my phone now, vs via FB. I miss all the great pics of my granddaughter, but I don’t need 100 of them a day. I am using InstaGram and my blog more and I notice I have more family time because FB updates and scrolling is no longer a “priority”. It’s what works for me.

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  4. HAHAHA! Fantastic! JOYFUL read! Much appreciate LOLZ 😀
    I was having a terrible time in March. Just terrible. Meanwhile, one of my social media friends was in Lapland, with the sleds and the dogs and reindeer and the snows and the bonfires and the beer and the cheese and the northern lights and I had to rein myself in, cause E, I felt very stabby about it! 😀 LOL We are all toddlers 😉

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