#AtoZChallenge: ‘N’ is for Notes

I love getting notes and pictures from my kids. I have a special drawer that I save them in. Those notes and pictures are few and far between from Little Man now, but Baby Girl makes up for it with the scribbles she gives me. Little Man did recently gave me the following note, though, which made my heart melt:

That’s enough of the sappy stuff. Now I’m going to move on to some of the drawings and notes I’ve found that gave me a good chuckle.

First, here’s the family portrait that Little Man drew when he was 6 or 7.

A stick thin waist and boobs almost as big as my head? Yes, please. (Or maybe not, since that would definitely cause some back problems.) It always really cracks me up to see kids around kindergarten to first grade age draw out their families. They almost always go with huge boobs for the adult women.

And speaking of boobs, there was that time in first grade (I think) that he  took issue with my not handing over my bathing suit when he asked.

I can only imagine what his teacher thought when she saw his free write that day. I love how he also included boobs in this photo, too, even if they are rather lopsided. Some free write notes from the same time that I didn’t include were about Little Man’s dog’s privates being cut off (ouch) and being very “thrustrated” as me for not letting him sit in the floor to write.

Heads up to parents of young children — if they want to give someone literal garbage for a Christmas or birthday (or anytime) gift, let them do it, because they absolutely will call that shit out.

See what a party pooper I am? If memory serves, the “something special” was leftover McDonald’s Monopoly game pieces from the previous summer.

Little Man fully understands the power of the written word. He will often air out his grievances in writing, and started doing so when he was five. He wasn’t always as verbose as he is now, but the point was still taken:

Last but not least is this one from when LM was in kindergarten, I found this scribbled on the back of one of his worksheets:

You got told, Joe.

Thanks to everyone who gave me some feedback on the poll asking about how much new content I should have if I put together a Dorky Mom Doodles book! Here are the results:

I’ll shoot for around 25 to 30 percent new material, more if the creative writing/doodling juices start flowing.

Thanks for joining me for the April A to Z Challenge! If you’re participating, please leave a link in the comments section so I can check out your post.

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Author: Erika

I’m a SAHM to two kids. When I’m not doing all the typical mom things (diapers, soccer, etc.), I like writing, reading, and playing games. Clearly I live the life of a rock star.

27 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge: ‘N’ is for Notes”

  1. We’ve Got a big collection of notes and cards and art work that we have saved. It hilarious. Especially all the boobs. My boys are both boob men too. I think they get it from their father… though their mother is the one with all the boobs.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL! When I worked with a kindergarten class for a while in teacher cadet, seeing the drawings of the kids that age was one of my fav things, because they ALWAYS included big boobs.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww ❤ I remember when my grandmother used to just tell me to write her a letter or make her something for a gift, how lame I thought that was, but now I really get how special it is.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve always wanted McDonald’s Monopoly leftovers for Christmas. So thanks for ruining that dream 🙂
    Love the family portrait. I see everybody is looking suitably evil, except for BG who has no body but does come equipped with a handy carrying handle 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Oh, this is great stuff. I still have the picture the boys drew when they were little, but only with arms and legs, nothing else. I do have a noted on my board from my youngest, when he was about 6 or 7. ” Dear Mommy, please let us have a sleep-over. We will be super quiet and we wont bother you – please note sinsear voice. Love,”

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m not doing the A To Z Challenge this year but I’m a fan of those who are doing it. You’ve got me laughing here with your doodles. Little Man is his own person, isn’t he? I look forward to your future letters, and more glimpses into what make your family tick.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. My husband wonders why I keep 99% of them and I’m like because they’re special. See this alien rectangle? She did that with love. I think he’s just jealous because most of his notes are to-do lists or you’re in trouble for not doing to-do list 🤣

    Liked by 1 person

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