I’m All About That Turkey, ‘Bout That Turkey, ‘Bout That Turkey

My Facebook feed is full of people talking about Thanksgiving. Either they’re listing what they’re thankful for, posting recipes that they plan to make, or are talking about how they can’t wait to eat. My husband hasn’t posted to Facebook, but he’s already talking about the various foods that he plans to gorge himself on at the three Thanksgiving meals we’re attending.

All the while, I’m like —

Food-wise, Thanksgiving is about one thing for me — fried turkey. I’m sure a lot of y’all are thinking, “Yeah, I can’t wait for turkey, either!” but when I say that Thanksgiving is about one thing for me food-wise, I mean that quite literally.

I’m a picky eater. I’m so picky that it’s much easier to list the foods that I do like than list what I don’t like. I like about three vegetables, your standard meats, and processed crap (which I’m trying to stay away from). I don’t do mushy foods, foods with lots of textures going on (I keep trying, though), foods heavy on the spice…the list could go on. As such, Thanksgiving isn’t such a big deal for as far as food goes like it is for everyone else. (For the record, yes I’m thankful for stuff, and yes I enjoy the family time…as much as an introvert can enjoy interacting with 60 people in one day can, anyway.)

Just so you know, I cook plenty of stuff that I don’t eat. In fact, two of the things that I’m famous for making are things I wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole — macaroni and cheese and cheesecake. So, my family doesn’t go deprived because of my lack of a diverse palate. All that creamy cheese? Blech. Cream cheese taste? Blech. (Nothing hurts my soul more than seeing yummy dessert videos from Tasty and then seeing them dump all the cream cheese into whatever they’re making.)

With that I give you doodles of my husband’s Thanksgiving meal vs. mine.

My husband’s plate:

My plate:

Probably not foodporn.

I’ve been told on more than one occasion that I have the saddest Thanksgiving plate ever. They aren’t wrong.

You’re up…what’s one food you love and one food you hate that’ll be served at Thanksgiving?

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Author: Erika

I’m a SAHM to two kids. When I’m not doing all the typical mom things (diapers, soccer, etc.), I like writing, reading, and playing games. Clearly I live the life of a rock star.

36 thoughts on “I’m All About That Turkey, ‘Bout That Turkey, ‘Bout That Turkey”

  1. Haha! I always love this contrast between you and me with the foods. You always want the meat I pick out, and if you were here, I’d let you have it, too! I love turkey, but I won’t eat any at dinner. I’ll hit it later when it’s cold and dry. Oh yes. I live for those cold, dry turkey sandwiches. My husband will be pickin that turkey while it cools. He’ll burn himself to get it. Every. year.
    Here’s a weird foodie thing — I’m not a fan of traditional cranberry sauce. Like, I’ll eat it, but I actually prefer the canned jelly, or even the frozen casserole thingy.
    I am allergic to sweet potatoes. When I’m elsewhere and they’re available, I’ll eat a taste and pray they stay down. It’s tragic to be allergic to something so yummy!
    For years, I hated green bean casserole. And then I had a simple version, which I LOVE. Why people get all complicated tryin to make it more complex or whatever, I’ll never know.
    Bit like Monica’s potatoes, everyone in this house wants their corn in assorted ways. I want corn casserole. Moo wants cornbread. Sassy wants corn from a can. The Mister wants corn on the cob. I win because I cook and because we eat the other kinds all freakin year. Thanksgiving means corn casserole, People! 😉
    You’re gonna get fab comments on this post. I may come back and read them Thursday night.

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    1. Hehe, I love that you brought up Monica’s potatoes just after I was thinking about a Ross related comment to make about the turkey sandwich. I’m the same way about the turkey. After my dad trims it, we stand over the damn carcass pulling pieces off. It’s like I don’t even recognize myself in that moment.

      Being allergic to sweet potatoes does suck! I do like sweet potato pie (my grandmother’s recipe, and the only reason I eat that is because she basically sat on me and shoved a bite in my mouth when I was 5), and I’ll be making up 5 of them on Wednesday.

      Corn casserole is a thing?!

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      1. I bet sweet potato pie is delicious. I bet it is. 😦 I’m so glad you have your grandmother’s recipe!

        Corn casserole is not something Es like to eat, I’m sure. It’s a highly textural (gritty pudding) conglomeration of eggs, milk, cornmeal, corn, creamed corn, cheese — and then people eat it like that, or some add jalapenos, bell peppers, onion, bacon — it’s like chili, everyone seems to have their own version.

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  2. I love mashed potatoes and stuffing over the holidays but turkey is on the top of my “meh” list. I tolerate it only at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thankfully, in Canada they are two months apart. Nice for spacing it out. Also on the “ick” list: cranberry sauce and pumpkin and/or apple pie. Not a big fan…

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  3. Agreed. I eat turkey (the dark meat), stuffing (the box kind) and cranberry sauce (the jellied kind). NO green bean casserole (which I made one year because my husband wanted it and NO one ate it, not even him). I make corn (creamed) but I don’t eat any and there are usually mashed potatoes also which I don’t eat because stuffing beats mashed potatoes. We sometimes have dinner rolls which I will eat. I do love a white meat turkey sandwich the next day with lots of mayo because who eats dry white turkey meat? I am cooking as usual this year, my mom and the kids will be here which makes 6 total. That I can handle. Then I am off to work at Michaels from 5 to 9 😦 Seriously rethinking this retail job already! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

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    1. I barely tolerate green beans as it is, why is green bean casserole even a thing?!

      Sounds like you and I would fare well together on Thanksgiving, lol! That sucks about having to work, I hate how every store has started doing that crap on Thanksgiving.

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  4. I haven’t had a chance to read any of your posts lately and i think i was going through withdrawal! I love the contrast between your plate and your husbands plate, we are all individuals aren’t we! My plate would look more like your husbands and my twin sisters would look like yours! We rarely cook turkey anymore for the holidays because we grow our own chickens that seem to grow as big as small turkeys and we also really enjoy roasted duck. I love all the veggies, one thing i miss is stuffing, my man doesn’t care for it so he doesn’t make it and he is usually the one who cooks up our holiday feasts.

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  5. My husband’s grandma makes killer sweet potatoes. With marshmallows and all the brown sugar in North America.

    But mashed potatoes, don’t even get me started. I get nauseous just thinking about the fact that they exist. Not anyone’s mashed potatoes in particular, all the mashed potatoes.

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  6. I love my aunt’s approach to mashed sweet potatoes, which is more sugar and nut than vegetable. But it’s delicious!

    When I was younger I was very particular about foods touching or staying away from casseroles in general because of the different textures. At least that part makes more sense now.

    I too enjoy the canned cranberry but don’t like the real version with whole cranberries. Maybe the one with real berries is too tart? I don’t know.

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    1. I’ll go for sweet potato pie at least. One year I tried putting that on my plate to flesh it out a bit and passed it off as being a veggie, but I got called out on that quick.


  7. Normally we celebrate American Thanksgiving here in Canadaland, but things are crazy busy right now. Besides we don’t get off from work and school for it, so it makes it even harder. But when we do Canadian Thanksgiving (back in October) I love the stuffing, green bean casserole and gravy! I hate the cranberry sauce. Blech…

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  8. I am not a big fan of Thanksgiving dinner. Most years, my husband and the kids want turkey (it has the texture of slimy carpet) and ham, both of which I don’t really like – unless the ham is in a sandwich and it is cold. I don’t like stuffing, or sweet potatoes or green bean casserole, or that awful cranberry crap that comes out of the can in a cylindrical form. I can’t stand pumpkin – I use pumpkin when my dogs have diarrhea – it’s great for that, but nothing else. I will eat mashed potatoes and gravy and bread and corn (but not creamed – that looks like vomit to me). My husband usually will pick up some lamb chops for me – must be the Australian in me. Of course, I get to cook all of this food, while everyone lays around, resting – which really pisses me off. And then I spend two hours after everyone has eaten trying to figure out how I am going to store the leftovers and find room in the fridge for them. I basically hate Thanksgiving! And I am with you on the food not touching!!!

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    1. Haha you’re worse than me! Yeah, I’d be irritated as hell if I didn’t eat any of it and had to do all that cooking and cleaning. (I get irritated being expected to make the one dish that I don’t touch.) Gah.

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  9. OMG, I hate hate hate turkey. Usually I drown it in cranberry sauce and swallow really fast, but not this year. I’ve already had one Thanksgiving (and 2 more to go!), and I absolutely could not eat turkey. So I’ll be majoring on mashed potatoes, stuffing, and veggies. I think at the Thanksgiving on Thursday, somebody is bringing a ham (bless her).

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  10. If I had a 🤤 gif on standby I’d have shared it… But I don’t and I’m lazy (and super late to the party you haven’t been popping up in my feed) so an emoji will have to do.

    🤤🤤🤤 you don’t like mac and cheese or cheesecake. I’m a picky eater too… But man I love those two. I have learned how to make an amazing Mac and cheese if my husband does say so. Like he would eat all of it if I let him.

    But let’s see… foods at thanksgiving I’m not big on — stuffing. Cranberry sauce. Sweet potatoes.

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    1. Haha he sounds like my husband. Had a crockpot of that stuff cooking tonight for a work function, but I have doubts that it’ll make it in before he eats it! Cranberry sauce — real and from the can — just looks gross.

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