Carrying All The Things

A few months ago, I read a post from another blogger talking about what was in her purse. I can’t remember if it was part of a challenge or what, but I thought it was a neat post, so I’m going to do one of my own. (I also can’t remember who did that post, but if whoever did it reads this, drop a link and I’ll update this post with it.)

Now, you may be thinking that you don’t give two craps about what’s in my purse. And that’s fine — you can be on your merry way and do a certain expletive to yourself. Kidding. But if you’re wondering why I’m doing this type of post, I’ll go ahead and tell you that I thought it would be easier and quicker than the typical post (lol at me), and time isn’t something I’ve had a lot of lately.

As some of you may have noticed, I haven’t been on as much in the past couple of weeks, and that’s because things are pretty busy at the moment. In addition to the kids’ appointments, activities, and events, I’ve been going through some testing, doing lots of research, and getting things in order to get ready for a cochlear implant. I’m super excited about that, as my hearing has gotten worse in recent years. I’m supposed to have surgery on December 15, but after it was scheduled my husband pointed out that is the opening day for Star Wars Episode VIII, so there’s a chance I’ll push it to the first of the year now. On the off chance that I don’t, I’m also trying to get everything ready Christmas wise — all the gifts bought and wrapped — that way if I do have the surgery, I won’t have to worry about getting Christmas stuff ready.

And now you know why I haven’t been doodling as much lately. And you also know why I’m doing a pretty basic post. Now I’ll stop the talking and get to my purse. I didn’t think there was much in there until I emptied it out. For the record, I don’t carry a mom bag, and it’s a small miracle that I don’t have one.

Normal Stuff

Here’s the stuff just about every female carries in her purse, I’d imagine. As you can see, one can never have too many pens.

Receipts Galore

Every receipt, business card, and store flyer gets crammed in my bag and left there for an eternity. The chicks who do eyebrows at Walmart get frantic looks on their faces and shove multiple flyers into my hand every single time I go in. I get the not-so-subtle hint, ladies. And of course we have the tree that was sacrificed to be CVS’s long ass receipt.


I don’t typically carry power banks around in my bag, but my iPhone has crapped out. It’ll shut off even if the battery is at 85%, so I need power banks to make sure I have a way to check Facebook when I’m waiting in line at Walmart. And yep, there’s my iPhone down there being an asshole and shut off again.

Mini Pharmacy

Got a scrape, having an asthma or anxiety attack, chapped lips, sore throat, or a headache? Then come see me. Not pictured is the roll of antacids, so I can help out with heartburn, too. The only thing I don’t have is hard drugs, but you never know — between being a SAHM and driving a Prius, I might go the route of the mom in Weeds. (Just kidding, if any prospective employers happen across this.)

Other Random Necessities 

One must never, ever leave the house without all the feminine products galore. I’d take the lip color out of my bag since I don’t use it, but since it’s the same color and brand as one of my chapsticks, it stays, since I can prank Little Man — who is always using my chapstick and not his own — with it.

Proof Of Kids And More Randomness

Every mom has a pair of dirty socks in her bag, right? Once in a while I’ll have shoes, too, as Baby Girl is super resistant to wearing anything on her feet. And you never know when things might need to be cut and taped back together, so there’s that. And unless you’re feeling a bit sick and need some penicillin mold to help you out, you might wanna skip asking me for a snack.

And that’s what I have in my bag. In case you were wondering, my purse is the equivalent of a magician’s hat. No matter how much stuff I pull out, there’s still more. I’m surprised that a bouquet of flowers or a white rabbit didn’t come out during the process of inventorying my bag.

For another bottomless purse story, visit Tara at Daisy Smiley Face!

All right, people — what’s in your bag or wallet? Anything as interesting as a crumbled cookie? 

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Author: Erika

I’m a SAHM to two kids. When I’m not doing all the typical mom things (diapers, soccer, etc.), I like writing, reading, and playing games. Clearly I live the life of a rock star.

30 thoughts on “Carrying All The Things”

  1. LOL I carry the bare minimum now that the kids are all grown. SO glad I don’t need to take the kitchen sink with me everywhere I go anymore. I had noticed that you were not around much. Hope the surgery goes well for you!

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  2. I have a backpack I used to carry all the time. I think I’ll make it a nano Poblano post myself. I now only carry a small bah looped over my shoulder. And last weekend I regretted not carrying the big bag. Something I ate for lunch caused an unexpected explosion. Needless to say I had enough in the small bag to get by. But never again. Murphy’s law….😱

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  3. I used to carry socks for the playlands 🙂 Cause you know, Georgia, hot, not so much on socks.
    Receipts are the worst! That’s all I need to remove to clean my bag. Now and again there’s something weird in there, like doggy poo bags or hairbands, but it’s almost always just receipts! I am a Walgreens shopper except one makeup item they don’t carry, it’s only at CVS. Every time I buy it, the receipt is a foot long for ONE ITEM! It’s galling.
    So, I have wallet, phone, keys, mints, pen, notepad, 5 lip products, glasses, sunglasses, a pad, and sunscreen.
    BUT when I had little kids, I carried LOTS more!

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  4. I do miss your posts! But you are allowed to take a break. 🙂 I am hoping for the best for you with the implant! Are you serious about moving the date, though?!
    I carry a backpack now … for real. It’s pretty clean at the moment, but the worst discovery has been moldy clothes due to leaky water cups … so gross!!!

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    1. Thanks!!! I am serious. I’m about 50-50 right now. My plan for the Star Wars release day (I have no idea why I never paid attention to the actual date) was to pull LM out of school for a half day for a “doctor’s appointment” and surprise him when we arrived at the movie theater. ❤

      Oh gross! At least it wasn't milk, gag. I have a diaper bag backpack, but it usually doesn't leave the car, especially now that BG is mostly potty trained. I should probably just dump everything in that and carry it anyway!


  5. I went minimal with my wallet years ago and since switching to a minimal online billpay/budgeting system, I no longer need to hold onto receipts. I’m thinking of going even more minimal with my wallet to just a card case. Yeah, probably not what you wanted to read 🙂 but it’s the truth. My wife’s purse (and especially my Mother-in-laws) is more like Hermione’s purse in Harry Potter than one with an actual bottom.

    I got a post almost ready on my review of CountAbout, that minimal online billpay/budgeting system 🙂

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  6. I love this post! I bought a small purse this summer because I was keeping too much crap in my big one. The average day will find a sippy cup, receipts in multiple languages, and a bag of candy corn bits. I also have three chapsticks/lip glosses. I swear I’m not high maintenance!

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  7. I have completely downsized since Em is potty trained and often likes to carry her own purse. To a little wristlet… But as much as I cram into it I should probably just get another mom bag.

    Inside mine: my new galaxy s8 [PS come to the android side battery lasts so much longer. I can go out at 50% and know I’ll make it back home after errands]

    Like 2 things of chapstick because I always lose weight one.

    Receipts galore too. Loose change. ID + debit card + work discount card + gas card.

    Now just for giggles I’ll tell you what the 3 year old packs in her purse.

    All 5 shopkins chapstick. Half a deck of uno cards. A keychain she calls her keys. Empty gift cards. One dollar bill. Every single piece of jewelry she owns. One or two troll dolls. And a knife from her kitchen set 🤣🤣🤣

    Good luck with surgery. My husband has told me we have to go see this one in theatre too.

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    1. I’d hate to see how fast I’d get carpal tunnel if I carried a wristlet 😀

      Omg, I am DYING over her carrying a knife! Her purse contents is the cutest thing ever, but the knife puts it over the top.

      Thanks! Insurance *still* hasn’t approved it, so it’s definitely moved to next year now.

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      1. I’m just seeing my major word jumble and I’m like what did I even mean? “Lose weight one” I think I meant just lose one 🤣 it was late.

        And yea I laughed the first time I saw it in there too. It’d been in there awhile because a bunch of other stuff had been on top of it


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