My Toddler Aspires To Be Banksy

As discussed in another post, Baby Girl goes by a lot of names — Ona, Kate Kate, Batman. It’s now time to add another name to that list: Banksy.

Technically I can’t count the number of times on one hand that Little Man drew on something he wasn’t supposed to, because that never happened. He was the most responsible toddler ever — he would never touch an outlet, climb on things that he shouldn’t climb on, put things in his mouth, or draw on things not intended to be drawn on. (I can’t say all of those things are true now, though.) He was basically Benjamin Button without the wrinkles.

Baby Girl is a different story. She is Little Man’s opposite in every way, which — aside from making for an interesting parenting experience — has given me a few gray hairs. I always expected for the second child to be different and have her own personality, of course, but not to be that different. Like most toddlers, she needs every single child proofing gadget, all markers stashed way out of reach, and a leash harness screw it, leash. She’s shoved things in her nose, tasted things she had no business tasting, and can throw a temper tantrum that rivals those of the current president’s.

Back to the art. Baby Girl’s drawings have appeared all over the house. No matter how many times we tell her that crayons should only be used on scrap paper/coloring pages, she continues to pursue her dream of instilling a little culture in us with her art. The door to her room, walls, and the floor have all been decorated. Books — including the parenting book on discipline — now have extra illustrations. While taking a break from writing this post, I noticed that she had personalized the ice cream cart she got for her birthday. (“It say ‘Ice cream cart!'” she told me.)

I’m sure you’re thinking, “Put the crayons out of her reach!” but she hides the damn things around the house. For the longest time, we kept finding blue scribbles on things, but couldn’t find the blue crayon. Whenever we were busy with cooking, laundry, or phone calls and couldn’t have 100 percent of our focus on Baby Girl, she’d take the blue crayon from its hiding place and get to work. The only difference between her and Banksy was her lack of political statement.

Baby Girl had been doing a little bit better about drawing on things lately. Had been. Last week before I started cooking supper, I printed off a few coloring sheets to keep her occupied. It worked, or so I thought — she was very quiet and didn’t go terrorist mode by interrupting me with her list of demands while I was cooking. Shouldn’t I have learned by now that quiet is never, ever a good thing when it comes to kids?

Later I found out why she had been so quiet, and it had nothing to do with her coloring sheets.

Yep, that is her pink Little Tikes car colored in blue.

“Oh my god, what did you do to your car?!” And how did your short little self color on the top?!

Was she rebelling against my skipping past the “screw gender stereotypes” thing and getting her a pink car? Because the only reason I did that is that it was on sale for $20 less than the standard version. I can be “Screw princesses and pink and flowers for girls” all day long until money comes into play. And then my principles are out the window faster than Donald Trump clicks the Tweet button. Maybe she truly had a little Banksy in her after all?

Maybe not. Her explanation —

I didn’t find the scribbled over car funny at all, but I was amused by the fact that she had attempted to make a joke. Hopefully next time she can do it without defacing private property.

Was/is your kid a budding artist, too? Any funny stories to share?

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Author: Erika

I’m a SAHM to two kids. When I’m not doing all the typical mom things (diapers, soccer, etc.), I like writing, reading, and playing games. Clearly I live the life of a rock star.

19 thoughts on “My Toddler Aspires To Be Banksy”

  1. Not one of my kids colored on walls or otherwise inappropriate places.
    Moo, however, used whatever was creamy to make art on windows — or mirrors, or televisions — all over the house.
    And now she draws on her skin like whoa. I was much more upset until I collected a group of them and saw them all doodled up. It’s like a whole thing, her and her squad, sharpies on skin, bracelets, anklets, motifs, words. :/

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  2. The 7-year old I nanny likes to draw on the walls in her bedroom now. All 4 of the kids have messages written on their bedroom doors, but one day I saw her with a pen and I told her to NOT write on the wall. She did it anyways. So I went down and asked for cleaning supplies so she could clean the words off her wall and her mom didn’t really seem to care too much so I decided I didn’t either lol. If it’s ok in the parent’s mind then I’m not going to stress over it. Now there are a few sentences in marker on the same spot…

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  3. When my youngest was about 3, she was playing quietly in her room for awhile. I went to check on her and found her sound asleep on her floor, colored from head to toe with marker. It was hilarious so I snapped some pictures and let her sleep it off. Thankfully it was washable marker.

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  4. so with you on the gender stereotypes/money thing. so with you. Have you noticed all the decent non-gendered kids clothes are horribly expensive? really grinds my gears, that does.

    my boy scrawls all over everything. his older sister has never scrawled on anything other than paper, ever. Hes a little bugger!!!


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