A Shirtless Cowboy

A couple weeks ago, I took the kids to the library for the summer reading program party. I’m sometimes hesitant to take Baby Girl to events that require her to sit still and be quiet for a length of time, because I never know how that’s going to go. Toddlers are basically ticking time bombs — except for there is no digital clock showing you how much time you’ve got until they go off. They just do at random, which complicates outings.

Fortunately, Baby Girl did very well at the party until the very end, when she got super antsy and fussy. We had a few other places to go afterwards, so I called my husband to meet us to pick Baby girl up and take her home so she could play. We met at a gas station that was halfway from town and our house. My husband arrived first, so when I got there, I pulled up beside him and waited for him to come around to get Baby Girl. A few moments later, I spied a shirtless man in my side mirror.

Yep, it was my husband.

“Oh my god, he doesn’t have a shirt on!” Little Man yelled.

I opened the door. “Where on earth is your shirt?” I asked.

“At home.” He grinned.

“Oh my god, Dad, you are so embarrassing! You’ve gotta put clothes on when you come out!”

He explained that he didn’t want us to have to wait on him; since he wasn’t going in anywhere, he didn’t bother putting on a shirt. For the record, my husband works from home for a certain mammoth financial institution. This is how Mr. Corporate America goes to work most days — often shirtless and sometimes in boxers. Thank goodness they don’t have video conferences!

After teasing him a little more, we parted ways. Little Man continued talking about his dad’s lack of a shirt.

“Man, that was SUPER embarrassing. Can you believe he didn’t put a shirt on?! Who does that? I hope he doesn’t do that again,” he said.

I snickered. “Are you finally getting to that age where you’re embarrassed by your parents?”

“No. I’m not embarrassed by my parents, but I am embarrassed by not wearing clothes!”

What he said after that was absolute gold.

That’s a lovely mental image. And now let’s make it more than a mental image, shall we?

My husband has been put on notice — no more leaving without being fully clothed, unless we’re going directly to the pool or beach. And even then, I’d prefer that he wear a shirt along the way to spare anyone we meet from being intimidated by his chest ‘fro.

What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done to your kids or that your parents did?

Also — does anyone have a suggestion for a tagline for this blog? I’ve had a couple good suggestions made, but would like some more. Help a dorky girl out! 

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Author: Erika

I’m a SAHM to two kids. When I’m not doing all the typical mom things (diapers, soccer, etc.), I like writing, reading, and playing games. Clearly I live the life of a rock star.

26 thoughts on “A Shirtless Cowboy”

  1. LOL I get the casual attire while working from home since I do the same, although never without a shirt! I think it is our duty to embarrass our kids at least once in their lives. It’s usually by something I say rather than something I do though.

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  2. I love the advertising signs at the petrol station 🙂 And hubby’s first reason for going shirtless – “he didn’t want (you) to have to wait on him”. I bet that extra 3 seconds would have been really annoying!

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  3. Oh my!
    My dad once went out to see my boyfriend’s fancy imported car and commented on all the tiny red buttons THAT WERE THE COATED ENDS OF HAIRBRUSH BRISTLES. “Such delicate controls. What do these do?” my dad asked,
    “I think they keep the hairs from ripping out?”
    I bout died, E. Bout died.

    I often wished sleeping babies came with detonators. Do I have enough time to shower, or eat, or lie down, or all three? Ya never know. *sigh*

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  4. This post had me rolling! Thank you for the laugh at the end of the day! Kiddos are hilarious. Once my oldest daughter (then 2.5) and I were walking in the grocery store down the cereal aisle. There was an elderly woman with a mole on her face about the size of a quarter. My daughter, who was very verbal for her age, immediately shot out her finger and pointed at the woman’s mole. The woman was approaching and was only about 6 feet away. “Mommy, look”….(I look at the cereal on the opposite side of the aisle)…”Mommy, look” (I miserably attempt to ignore my very loud child)….look….LOOK AT HER!…MOLE! She has a MOOOLE wight deya! By then, the poor woman was directly across the aisle from us and all I could do was tell her I was sorry that my daughter is so loudly talking about her mole. Thankfully, she was very gracious towards us. Sometimes, kids go off like a bomb and there is lots of collateral damage!

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    1. Awww! Kids that age will say just about anything. When my son was about the same age, he saw a little person for the first time. “Mommy! Mommy, LOOK!” He ran up to her. “Are you real?” he asked. She gave him a dirty look. He then informed her “You’re not nice. I’m gonna tell Santa!” I could have died.


      1. Omg, there are not enough ways to say I like this post!! It’s tooo funny!!!! The bomb joke or what LM said – not sure what’s better!!

        Not sure about the tagline…. I can only come up with lame stuff.. :/

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