Ain’t Nobody Got Time For Cleaning

Everyone knows that kids have an aversion to doing chores. Say the C-word, and you’ll hear the groaning and complaining start. Asking them to help with things around the house instantly brands you an Asshole Parent, one who clearly doesn’t love them. I don’t much like doing chores either, but spending more time dragging one’s feet than the chore actually requires to be completed — and having to do it anyway — baffles me.

Baby Girl likes to help me with my chores sometimes — the more likely it is that something will break, the more she wants to help. (And I’m sure that when she is more capable of doing these chores in a few years, she’ll develop an aversion to them, too.) However, when it comes to picking up her toys, she acts like doing so is torture and often refuses to do it. The threat of taking away a toy does little. When she’s in Stubborn Mode, she’d prefer losing every toy she owns to giving in and doing what she’s told.

Rather than whine, last week Baby Girl got a little creative with her attempt to get out of picking up stuff.

While straightening up the living room, I told Baby Girl to pick up the stuffed animals she had been playing with. She had been doctoring them and had left them strewn across the couch.

“Mommy, I’m just too young to pick up toys,” she told me.

Too young. That’s quite a mouthful for someone who’s too young to pick up her mess. After suppressing a giggle, I informed Baby Girl that if she was too young to pick up her toys, then she was too young to have them and that they’d go in storage. She put them away, and with minimal complaints for a change.

What’s the best excuse you or your kid has given to get out of doing chores?

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Author: Erika

I’m a SAHM to two kids. When I’m not doing all the typical mom things (diapers, soccer, etc.), I like writing, reading, and playing games. Clearly I live the life of a rock star.

28 thoughts on “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For Cleaning”

  1. Oh my, it’s been too long since I had little ones to give me excuses and I’m too old to remember. Maybe it’s like the pain of childbirth, you know it happened but you forget what it feels like?

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  2. What a perfect response- that if she’s too young to clean up her toys, she’s obviously too young to have toys. I usually just threaten to grab a garbage bag and “take care of” the mess myself. 😜

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  3. In middle school and high school, when I had to clean my room, I’d get lost in looking at the various things I was supposed to be throwing out. Going down memory lane and whatnot. At one point I started making a scrapbook. Haha not exactly cleaning …

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  4. I LOVE your pie chart doodles!!! My 4yo always says, “I”m just too TIRED to clean up.” I say, “Then you’re too tired to play with them.” Or she’ll say something like, “They’re too heavy to lift, mom.” Uhh… you were playing with them, right?!

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  5. My son who is now 45, the middle child, was a slob. His clothes would be strewn everywhere, and the hamper was like 5 feet from his bedroom door. I finally stopped washing his clothes if they weren’t in the hamper( he was a teenager at this point). Didn’t seem to work because he would steal clean underwear from his older brother! So, I got on his case one day and opened the window and threw all the clothes he had on the floor out the window. They stayed in the neighbor’s yard until he picked them up. He was embarrassed, but it still didn’t help, so I just kept his door shut, and when he was out of clothes he didn’t go to school…that’s when he learned how to do his own laundry, which worked for me! LOL now, his wife says he is anal about kids toys and things in there place. We laugh at him now because he pins his socks together, so they are paired right.

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      1. I am very proud of these three men but it’s funny now when how I remember things isn’t quite the same as how they remembered them. The sibling rivalry’s forgotten and they are best friends.Love your posts and sketches!

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  6. Just discovered this blog – and it’s cool! I grew up in a messy house, mostly because we didn’t have much storage space. And I hated cleaning my room, so much that I practically had to take soundings in order to navigate it. Several moves later and more years than I want to think about, and I’m still a little messy but I LOVE putting things away when I’m done with them. My favorite dodge as a kid was shoving things under the bed or in the closet.

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