It’s Getting Hot In Here

Y'all, it is HOT. We've been having a heat wave in my neck of the woods, which is brutal, considering our typical summer day would be considered a heat wave in many other parts of the country. The temperatures the past few days have neared 100 degrees, with the real feel exceeding 110. The humidity is a bitch, no dry heat for us for the most part. And it's so hot that even getting in our pool doesn't offer any relief — it feels more like a hot tub than a pool, and that's at 6:00 in the evening, not during the hottest part of the day.

I do not like the heat. I might be Southern bred, but one day I want to be Southern fled. I usually fail the "Are You A Real Southerner?" quizzes, and my body agrees — it does not do well with all the heat and humidity. Unless I've driving somewhere and that somewhere happens to be indoors, I usually hide out inside during the afternoons. My kids aren't fans of the heat, either, so they're more than content to hang out inside and do whatever activity I've come up with until the sun starts going down a little.

My husband, on the other hand, doesn't mind the heat a bit. He loves our mosquito infested region, which is one of the few flaws I've found with him. As such, we probably won't be relocating anywhere with milder temperatures during the summer anytime soon. Boo. Silver lining — at least I don't have to pack up and move boxes.

Yesterday we had the blinds closed, the lights off, and the air set at 74. I'd prefer to have had it lower, but it wouldn't have made much of a difference since our air conditioner won't get it below 76 when it's super hot out. The best unit on the market — one that is meant for a house larger than ours — is no match for a South Carolina heatwave.

Today our area has been lucky. Some rain moved in and brought the temps down to a real feel of around 90, so it's been easier to keep the house cooler. Unfortunately for me, I've pulled a muscle in my back and have been requiring the use of a heating pad. A heating pad, y'all. I'm trying to figure out who I pissed off in the universe, because that's cruel and unusual punishment.

How's the heat in your neck of the woods? Any pissed off HVAC units that are threatening to go on strike? 

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Author: Erika

I’m a SAHM to two kids. When I’m not doing all the typical mom things (diapers, soccer, etc.), I like writing, reading, and playing games. Clearly I live the life of a rock star.

33 thoughts on “It’s Getting Hot In Here”

  1. Ick. I don’t miss it, girl. We got in the car yesterday when it was 89 and sticky and everyone moaned and no one wanted to shut the car doors until the ac was kickin. As everyone complained, I thanked God for my car and simply said, “I know it’s hot, but it ain’t Georgia hot!”
    My husband likes the cold almost as much as me, and I’m grateful for that. Also, moving suuuuuucks, so yeah, keep lookin at the silver linings.

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    1. It’s like a damn oven! Yeah, I’d really hate to go through storage. I have totes of art stuff from when LM was tiny. Funny how everything got saved with him and only a few things with Baby Girl.

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  2. There have been worse years temperature-wise, with temps over 110. But dang if it just does not *feel* godawful out there. Maybe the humidity? Even thinking about firing up the grill makes my pores rebel!

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  3. I.FEEL.YOU. We’re in NM and it’s been hovering in the low 100s! We just got back from and NY, and even with the humidity there, it felt like a break. Today was a pool day, though, and of course it was also rainy and overcast! At least we got a heat break. Good luck!!

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  4. I can’t begin to tell you the number of times I’ve typed “y’all” and then sadly deleted because I know I couldn’t pull it off. I just want to pull off saying “y’all,” everyone.

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  5. It’s humid where I live, too. The heat I’m okay with, it’s the humidity that is a killer. Earlier this week we had a few days that were above 85% humidity. Ugh. I hope it cools off soon for you.


  6. It’s currently between 14C (early morning) and 20-ish (afternoon) here. Jealous? 🙂
    British houses don’t typically have AC. Largely because spending all that money on the three days a year we could do with it is a waste of money.


  7. We recently moved from Florida to North Carolina. The movers kept telling me it gets hot here and I was just a bit skeptical. I’m used to 6 months of misery and humidity. Surely, these kind gentlemen don’t know what hot really is. Holy hell, it gets hot here! We went on a hike yesterday and lasted about 15 minutes. It gets brutally hot here. The only good thing is that at least it won’t last 6 months.


  8. Hot here but not unbearable. We have a ceiling fan in every room and when it gets too hot for the hubs, he adds an extra one just on him. I don’t mind the heat mostly, but then again, I am not exposed to 100+ temps. I do like hot tubs though and don’t like swimming in an unheated pool.


  9. Living in tropical northern Australia the humidity and heat here is extreme for most of the year.
    Right now, it’s our winter so the weather is perfect. Actually, I hate being cold so it’s a little chilly. But my English husband love it!

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  10. Oh man! It’s hard to like this post because it’s so sad. I hate the heat, too! I don’t understand why so much of Earth’s population CHOOSES to live in a sauna. And the pulled muscle? Boo! Hopefully you only needed the heating pad the first day. 😦
    We’ve had a really hot 10-day stretch hovering at 88-92, but it rain yesterday and finally brought temperatures down! It was 72 today and will be 67 tomorrow. Humid, but cool (cold!). Sounds perfect to me….

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    1. I am insanely jealous right now!

      Only a couple of days on the pad, thankfully. I won’t be going to Carowinds and riding any rides with my husband and kid tomorrow, though, boo.


  11. Ugh, that kind of heat is my idea of hell. I used to take myself off to an indoor ice rink when i lived in Rome and it was that hot! Fortunately, today it’s drizzly and a mere 20 degrees (c!) here in the UK. Bliss.

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