Parenting Books I Need To Read

Don’t you just love parenting books? There is something for just about everything — potty training, raising temper tantrum-free toddlers, what to expect developmentally. And let’s not forget about a certain pre-parenting book that is infamous for contributing to (or perhaps creating) anxiety disorders. I’ve bought many parenting books over the years, and most of which aren’t useful for us beyond serving as a fire starter. (I kid — I’m not burning a $15 book and will eventually toss them in the donate pile.)

You’re probably wondering why I’m going on about parenting books, especially since this isn’t the typical parenting blog. I’ll get to that now. A few days ago, the topic of parenting books came up in a discussion my husband and I were having with another relative. I pulled out a few of the books I’ve purchased over the years. I had books on positive parenting, parenting the whole-brain child, raising a gifted child, and parenting a defiant child.

We had a laugh over the books — mostly because of the defiant child book, which I purchased before Baby Girl came along — and then my husband made the comment, “If they really wanted to help parents, they’d make a book called How Not To Kill Your Kids.”

We had another laugh and then I had a light bulb moment — “Ooh, I could use this for my blog! And I could do other book titles that would’ve been more useful, too!” (My light bulb runs at a low wattage, in case you’re thinking, “WTH, this is what she considers a light bulb moment?”)

Without further ado, here are a few parenting books I should’ve read instead. (Click image to magnify.)

(I need to touch up this doodle and update with the correct spelling, oops!)

(I’m totally gonna use Shut The Fudge Up when I write my bad mom parenting book.)


I forgot to put the parenting books back on the shelf last week. Baby Girl ripped the page out of the book about positive discipline. Minutes after I corrected her, she used a crayon to scribble in the book about the defiant child.

What book title would you like to see? 

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Author: Erika

I’m a SAHM to two kids. When I’m not doing all the typical mom things (diapers, soccer, etc.), I like writing, reading, and playing games. Clearly I live the life of a rock star.

41 thoughts on “Parenting Books I Need To Read”

  1. A short book … “50 No-Nos of Parenting” The book would start with one I recently wrote about: ‘Never leave your child alone in a car, hot or otherwise, and especially not for 15 hours’. And from there … perhaps: ‘Do not pick your child up by his/her hair’. Just little key tips that we all think should come naturally, and to most of us they do, but apparently some were deprived of the common-sense-gene. 🙂

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    1. Yup! Lucky for me NY daughter was (and still is) in daycare full time during the potty training days so they did most of the work! 😊 were still kinda working on staying dry at bedtime….a couple nights ago she had an accident and when I entered her room she was way to one side curled up and her comment was “Chandler ( our amazingly large cat) peed my bed!!!”

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  2. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🙃🙃🙃😂😂😂😂. I tell you what, parenting is like an on going circus; at times we are laughing hard and other times we are in tear confused what to do next. Of course I started out with the “What to expect when expecting” and then came a whole line of books hoping I had the perfect kid manual laid out for me. Boy was I wrong!😂. We are still trying to figure it all out; one day at a time. 💝


  3. “How to Toddler-Proof Your Man Cave”

    I have no kids so my entire house is a man cave. A couple of years ago my godson’s big sister (about 5 I guess she was then) and her mum came round to drop something off. Within 3 seconds the kid had tripped over the rug and crashed into the surround sound system. Fortunately it was okay 😉 So was she 🙂

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  4. I really like the other commenter’s bathroom pod thingy. I still announce, “I’m going to poop. Alone.”
    And when I don’t, when no one seems to be around, I’ll be on the potty and I get “Marco!” and I holler back, “Pooping!” Which would deter most people from coming to sit and talk to me, but not my kids, no.

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  5. LOL I never read any parenting books. Decided to wing it. Kids turned out alright thank goodness. Your books, however, I might have picked up, at least to skim through the pictures 🙂

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  6. As a first time mom…I would have to say “Idiots Guide to the Baby Poop Rainbow.” We have spent I don’t know how long determining if the strange color coming out of our little guy’s butt is worrisome…*facepalm*

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  7. Don’t Like That!! Omg… Reminds me of that Futurama episode when Leela is making up a kids cartoon and one of the songs is “If It’s Alive Don’t Lick It!”
    If you write a humor book, I will buy it in a hot minute!!!
    A title I’d like to see would be something like, “No, You Can’t Have Cookies For Breakfast (But I MIght Have Wine).”


  8. I would love to see ‘How to stop your children from permanently damaging each other’ and ‘how to tell your kids that you can do what you like because you are an adult, but they cannot do what they want because they are a child’

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