That’s Not How That Works

Potty training is officially underway in the Dorky household. We stuck Baby Girl in underwear early last week. She’ll wear a pull-up when we leave the house and a diaper at night, but that’s it. Amazingly enough, so far, so good. She has one or two accidents most days, but has taken to it quite well. I rarely have to remind her to go on her own, either, and she was even dry one night this week. I think she’ll be there by the time preschool starts back up.

Like with anything else Baby Girl does, the potty training adventure has been quite amusing so far. She regularly gets cheered on for peeing or pooping in the potty, so she has been returning the favor.

Sometimes Baby Girl will walk around naked from the waist down. Since it’s warm, I’m not making her wear shorts inside, as there’s a good chance they’ll get soiled at some point during the day. She has taken this a step further, though. Occasionally she’ll ditch her Wonder Woman or Batman underwear and walk around with not a care in the world. My husband and I think it’s pretty funny, but Little Man? Not so much.

For the record, Little Man still doesn’t think much of streaking through the house after a shower if he forgets his pajamas. He’ll occasionally get modest and cover his chest, but that’s it. Pot meet kettle, Little Man.

My favorite part of potty training so far was when she attempted to use her potty in…the wrong way. I walked in to see this:

Little Man and my husband were in hysterics. I didn’t immediately get why and told her to get down, thinking that they shouldn’t be laughing at a toddler — whose sense of balance isn’t that great — standing on a flimsy plastic potty next to the fireplace. (I decided to stick her potty in the living room for the first few days so that it’d be more easily accessible to her. Kinda gross, but I think it helps having it closer for now.)

“She thinks she can pee standing up!” Little Man said, still cackling. Oh! She was trying to pee like a boy. I guess she’s walked in on her dad or brother and took notice. Sorry, Baby Girl — we can do almost anything they can do, except for that. Not without buying something like the GoGirl Female Urination Device, anyway.

Do you have any potty training adventures (or woes) you’d like to share?

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Author: Erika

I’m a SAHM to two kids. When I’m not doing all the typical mom things (diapers, soccer, etc.), I like writing, reading, and playing games. Clearly I live the life of a rock star.

33 thoughts on “That’s Not How That Works”

  1. hahah Oh my! I have 2 girls and didn’t run into the trying to pee standing up thing. Too funny. We started my oldest at 18 months. Not sure when we will start our youngest. It’s always an adventure though!

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  2. Ha-ha! Didn’t run into the trying to go standing up with our two girls. My mom started to train our son when she was taking care of him while I worked and he started stuttering so I asked her to stop pushing him so hard. He stopped stuttering thank goodness.

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    1. Oh no! Yeah, we have been fairly laid back with the potty stuff. Our old pediatrician was adamant that kids can’t be trained until age 3. Or, rather, that they are just going because someone tells them to instead of comprehending it on their own. Idk how true that is across the board, but that’s been the case for my two.

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  3. 1. Your son: 😂😂😂😂😂!
    2. That GoGirl? I’m buying three — one for me, one for my mom, and one to keep for Baby Bird. Baseball games, Disney on Ice, Chuck E. Cheese. I’m taking them EVERYWHERE. I’m keeping one in the glove box. I’ll never have to hold my kid above a public toilet! Mom’s bad knees won’t hurt from squatting! Why didn’t I know about this when I was preggers and 50 pounds heavier?!?

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  4. Haha!!!! Brilliant!! I’m not sure which bit made me laugh the most, no wait I do – Your vulva is showing! 😀 hilarious! I also have the potty in our livingroom, although to be fair it makes little difference as to whether Jess remembers to use it or not.
    Jess got a little frightened by poop so I thought it a good idea that we pee and poo as a team….but since I take great interest in her potty delights she now wants to see mine. That’s a new level of intimacy right there. After inspections, she like to wave and say ‘bye poo poo’ – also a bit weird. But at least she’s not freaking out at the sight of poop anymore! Parenting win right there haha!

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      1. It might have something to do with her first experience of really seeing it when she pooped in the bath and I was a bit, erm, shocked and jumped into rescue child mode 😂 I think I panicked her, so now I’m team ‘poos are our friends’ 😂 I’m a crazy poo connoisseur now, her poos, my poos, dads poos, hell, even your poos! 💩

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  5. Hilarious! DD refused to go on the potty – she thought it was weird – so we had to get one of those seat-in-a-seat things so she could use the regular loo. Still can’t believe how we lucked out! One of us still tucks DD into bed every night, and she still comes to our bed every morning for cuddles, so you’ve got another 8 years 😉 It’s the best, that quiet time.

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    1. Haha! Those little potties look so uncomfortable, I wouldn’t want to use it, either. We have those seat insert things, too. Yesterday she did half of her business in one of our big toilets then wanted to be wiped and taken to the other big toilet to finish. Sigh.

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  6. The oldest was hardest to potty train. Though we found Cadbury mini eggs worked wonders. Both boys still call them “Pee treats”. The youngest was easier to day train because he wanted to be like his big brother. Big brother gets the official credit for training. That’s too funny that BG tried it standing up. Like LM and Batman, Crash and I would have stood and laughed too!

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    1. “Pee treats” Hahaha! I wish pee treats were a thing for us adults 😉 That’s cool — BG is doing better at LM at this age. Took him to 3.5 to really get completely trained during the day. Like you said, it probably helps that she’s taking notice of what he does.

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  7. Hehehee! Love it! Especially his n hers modesty, pot and kettle!
    I had it good. Real good. Mine did it voluntarily early and on the big potty. Moo had some dread delay with #2, but it only took us a week to sort that out.
    I realize, COMPLETELY, that I am not magical and that I just got lucky. I feel lucky. I was unlucky with other stuff 😉

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  8. Great post!!!!!!! I loved the last doodle especially… That censored spot, haha…. She is such a hoot. What’s funny is that my daughter (nearly 4) has no idea boys pee standing up – she’s never walked in on my husband.
    Congrats to her, by the way! That’s super that she doesn’t have to be reminded (that’s our biggest thing, after 1 year of underwear). Obviously the superhero underwear are the key to success.

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    1. Thanks! Haha, she’ll be floored when she finds out one day 😀

      She’s been doing great as long as she’s in underwear or running around half naked. But when she has on her thicker shorts or a pull-up, it’s about 50-50. Hopefully by the time preschool starts back she’ll get used to wearing thicker materials and not have any problems!


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