Family Vacation

The family and I are headed to Myrtle Beach tomorrow morning. Well, the plan is to head out tomorrow morning, but if I know my slow, disorganized family well at all, then we probably won’t make it out the door until after lunchtime. Drama over how many toys a child is allowed to bring will almost surely happen. If we’re lucky, though, maybe we’ll remember to bring our underwear, bras, and swimsuits. Somehow those things always get left behind and a trip to Target is necessary. Sometimes I think my husband believes I intentionally forget things just so we can stop at Target, but that isn’t the case.

Those of you who read my post about my and my husband’s anniversary trip know that we had a relaxing time at Myrtle Beach a week and a half ago. It was amazing. No “I hate the water!” or “I hate the sand!” or “Hey, I’ve got poops!” to get in the way of relaxation. (Well, no poops that I had to manage, anyway.)

This coming week will be different. Very different. I have no doubt that we’ll have an amazing time and make some wonderful memories, but y’all know how it is with little kids. They’ll try their damnedest to make sure relaxing doesn’t happen and make sure the bags under your eyes pre-vacation are twice as big post-vacation. Mama’s got an umbrella drink? Let’s get sand in it. Daddy’s trying to listen to music for a few minutes? Let’s get sand on him. We’re all nice and clean and ready to go out for a good meal? Let’s get sand coordinate meltdowns of epic proportions so Mom and Dad get to do the walk of shame and haul us out.

Remember this?

Things are definitely gonna change.

Bye bye, relaxation.

Bye bye, voodoo juice bucket (most likely).

Okay, maybe the shade and the beach bag won’t really disappear, but only crossing out one or two things wasn’t as dramatic.

Hello, family vacation.

And hello, judgmental strangers.

Not pictured is the fishing rod and net that Little Man wants to bring. I imagine that he’ll inspire a doodle with those.

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Author: Erika

I’m a SAHM to two kids. When I’m not doing all the typical mom things (diapers, soccer, etc.), I like writing, reading, and playing games. Clearly I live the life of a rock star.

32 thoughts on “Family Vacation”

  1. Ah, I hope it’s a lovely time 🙂 May you get some juice and no sunburn!
    We never really vacationed with little kids. Just going to see my mother at beach, or his grandparents in the country was enough of a hassle not to do it every year. Not to mention the moolah. Phew! My hat’s off to you!

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  2. Memories. Oh I have memories. Most recent have been fondness for the fact that mine are old enough to roam without me and were responsible for paying their own way for all the extras. Your turn will come. Glad you had fun on your own.

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  3. I am a bit behind here … have not been able to keep up with blogs, and obviously I missed a lot on yours. First, glad you and hubby had a great anniversary get-a-way!!! I never, ever, in a few decades of marriage, had one of those. As to the trip with the kids to Myrtle? I feel your pain … been there and done that many, many times!!! But … if you think it’s bad now … just wait! We took the kids to visit my mother on South Padre Island one year when they were teenagers. My middle child, Michael, was about 14, I think. He discovered that there were a lot of college ‘chicks’ at the pool, and they fed him a ton of Mexican beer … by the time I caught up with him, he was drunker than a skunk and trying to hit on all the college girls, who were laughing their heads off at him. I literally smacked his butt all the way back to the hotel room! Ah, fond memories … 😀 😀 😀


    1. Thanks! On our actual anniversary date, my husband took me to a Brazilian steakhouse, and it was so good! Got spoiled this year 😉

      Hahaha, oh my lord! I can only imagine that you were ready to rip him a new one!

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      1. Your hubby sounds like a gem! And yes, I was indeed ready to do just that, but luckily my husband restrained me! The kid never did grow up … he is still an immature jerk, if I say so myself. Sigh. And Happy Belated Anniversary!!!

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