Reasons The Toddler Is Pissed

If you look up “temperamental” in the dictionary, I’m pretty sure that you’d find a picture of a toddler next to it. Maybe even my toddler.

Oh, wait…

How about that? I wasn’t exaggerating after all!

True to the definition of temperamental, one minute Baby Girl is happy. The next she’s mad. Sometimes she’s mad over the reason that originally made her happy, which is confusing as hell and makes the whole “navigating parenting” thing much more difficult. Other times she’s ticked off for reasons that should never tick anyone off, ever. And, occasionally, there are times when she’s pissed for reasons that are beyond me.

Here are a few of the reasons she might be mad on any given day —

I have four younger brothers and sisters, so I get #1 — I completely understand what it’s like for a look from a sibling cause someone to see red. I don’t understand why, but I do know that it happens and isn’t just a Baby Girl thing. Even worse than looking at each other is looking at an object the other sibling is playing with/using with interest — this causes a reaction akin to road rage in children.

And for the record, with #3 — we’re talking about milk that has been sitting out for maybe ten minutes. The cup is still cool to the touch. I’m not a monster who makes kids drink warm milk. Cold milk is gross enough to me, but warm milk? “Disgusting!” to use Baby Girl’s new favorite word.

I mostly don’t get the others on that list. Especially #4. Who wants to go around wearing a shitty diaper? It makes her butt red and itchy, which she also complains about. Use. The. Potty. (And use it regularly enough that I can say stop saying “potty” in a sweet, high-pitched voice that is supposed to make you take interest in it.)

What are some funny things your kids get mad over?

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Author: Erika

I’m a SAHM to two kids. When I’m not doing all the typical mom things (diapers, soccer, etc.), I like writing, reading, and playing games. Clearly I live the life of a rock star.

39 thoughts on “Reasons The Toddler Is Pissed”

  1. I’m not a parent but I could still relate to this delightful post. And I say delightful from the perspective of a well-insulated Uncle to many. Cheers on making it through all those days that end in Y!

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  2. Uh, Moo was like, WAY bigger than BG when she said there were too many potatoes in her potato soup. She loves potato soup. Now every time she asks for it, I ask, “You know there are a lotta potatoes in it, yeah?”
    Toddlers are crazy. I love the meme collections of stuff toddlers are mad about. I LMAO every single time.


  3. Depends on the day in my house! The tantrums are getting out of control. And since I’m clearly mom of the year, it is causing me to tantrum in response. Viscous cycle! And will it ever end?!?


  4. The youngest gets mad when no one picks out his school clothes or pajamas. The oldest gets mad when he has to wear a rain coat when it’s raining. Hope everyone is feeling better now!

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  5. Diaper changes are the reason I potty trained my first at 24 months. I was so over getting yelled at and kicked at during every single diaper change. This week, I had a doozy of a meltdown from the 4 year old because I dared ask him to go put his pajamas on. I also had a wonderful tantrum from my daughter because I had the nerve to put the potty ring on the toilet for her after she asked me to do so (because, apparently, in the few seconds it took me to get the ring set up, she’d changed her mind about wanting it).

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  6. My toddler got mad at a spider (a tiny one, may have even been an ant it was so small), it was walking towards her toy and she told it ‘don’t’ then proceeded to lose her mind when it wouldn’t listen.

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  7. We got my kid a pair of fake Keen sandals for the summer. Now if I try to put his tennis shoes on, he throws a giant fit. Also, Cheddar Bunnies are not as good as goldfish. Diaper changes are the worst. No kidding, I bought a potty seat yesterday for the (hopefully) near future.


  8. Favourite line: “Sometimes she’s mad over the reason that originally made her happy” – this is soooo true! My toddler got cross at me today because I asked her if she wanted to help me make lunch or watch tv while I made it. She chose tv. Then once food was ready, I turned the tv off and she screamed because she wanted to help me make lunch. *Aaand breathe!*

    I love your doodles! I’m just popping over from the #blogcrush linky because someone loved this post so much, they added it over there! Congratulations! #blogcrush

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  9. My toddler gets angry when he wakes up. First, we fight about taking the nap, then we fight because it’s over. He will yell no to everyone and everything in his path for about ten minutes and smack you if you get too close. He literally just wanders around the house yelling NO at inanimate objects. I mean don’t get me wrong, I hate waking up too but he has certainly taken it to a new level.
    Thanks for this post. 🙂

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  10. My youngest was mad, because I told him it was cold and he needed a coat on. His reply was; “it’s not cold Mom-you just have old skin”!!! Hahahaaahaaa! Love that kid!!!


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