#AtoZChallenge: V is for Vader

It’s no secret that the people in the Dorky household have quite a love for Star Wars. I remember the first time I watched Star Wars — when I was 20 — with the guy I was dating who would later go on to be my husband. I was in hysterics over the special effects (we watched an old VHS copy that hadn’t been remastered), and didn’t care too much for the whole space thing at first. (Despite my fascination with Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, I’m not generally a fan of the sci-fi or fantasy genres.)

But, that changed, and I became enthralled by the story. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve watched various episodes since then, but it’s been a lot. Naturally, we passed this love on to the kids.

Little Man got his first light saber when he was three. We had banned guns, but thought the light saber would be fine. As it turns out, being cracked across one’s knuckles with a light saber does a bit more damage (hello, burst blood vessels) than a toy gun. (Except for the time I shot my husband in the eye with a Nerf gun, anyway.) We let him watch bits and pieces of the Star Wars movies around that time, and Little Man quickly became obsessed with Darth Vader, but later moved to Luke, and now has focused his interest on Princess Leia. Cough, almost tween, cough. Baby Girl also loves Star Wars. I have an adorable video of her when the opening crawl comes on and she starts shouting “Star Wars! It’s Star Wars!” and dancing. She’s also pretty good with a light saber.

For today’s doodles, I’m going to share a couple of things that the kids have said.

Right, the heat from the food was exactly like that.

Baby Girl’s love for Darth Vader isn’t as great as her love for Batman, but it’s still up there. You can sometimes hear her marching around the house humming Imperial March, and she goes all fangirl whenever Vader appears on the screen.

One day she’ll figure out that things don’t usually end well when that red light saber appears.

Are you a Star Wars fan? Which movie was your favorite?

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Author: Erika

I’m a SAHM to two kids. When I’m not doing all the typical mom things (diapers, soccer, etc.), I like writing, reading, and playing games. Clearly I live the life of a rock star.

32 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge: V is for Vader”

  1. Whoa, just how spicy is your cooking?! We love Star Wars at our house, too. And now thanks to the magic of Disney it’s even become a Christmas tradition to go to the new movie in our Star Wars jammies on Christmas Eve. It’ll work for the next few years anyway.

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      1. Marriage has definitely expanded my palate. I still do most of the cooking because I have more time, but when my husband is free he loves to do it, and I’ll manage to eat just about anything to encourage him. πŸ™‚

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  2. We are making our way through the Star Wars films (again) in bed. It took us 3 nights to watch the phantom menace πŸ˜‚ we always fall asleep. Tonight it’s on to Attack of the Clones, well for about 15 minutes till we pass out.
    Hoping Jess gets into films soon! She better like Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Terminator and Ghostbusters or I’m kicking her out 😊

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  3. I’m ashamed to tell you that Star Wars and Lord of The Rings are the only movies that make me sleep. Oh my, I guess they’re too slow for me? I watched the new one (that came out in 2016, I think?) and loved it but don’t make me watch the ones from the 70’s lol

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  4. I don’t know what the big deal about Vader but I have seen the original star wars series and a few prequels which I thought wasn’t all that great, but I’m still more of a fan of star trek though.

    have a lovely day.

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  5. I believe Return of the Jedi is my favorite. I think. Jabba. Ewoks. Yeah?
    I am not the least bit interested in Star Wars now. My family is obsessed. Well, the three of them that live here. Sassy WAS Vader prone, and then there was Kylo Ren and omaword, I think she lost her mind over him. Personally, I like the droids.

    Makin black pepper chicken tomorrow night, you comin? Lotsa chili vinegar and coarse black pepper. HEHEHE!

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  6. Good job with the Vader doodle!!! Your kids are so funny … I wonder what goes on in their heads when they can link a real-life event to a Star Wars scene…. It’s as if the movies are playing on repeat at the front of their brains. (At least that’s how I feel when my daughter constantly talks about Sofia the First scenes. And btw she always likes the nemesis, too – Wicked Witch of the West, evil fairies, etc… Ugh!)

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  7. Way to nearly spoil Rogue One :p it’s okay… its our own fault for not seeing it yet. Times were busy around the holidays. We too have a young Jedi. And YES THOSE LIGHTSABERS ARE PAINFUL. Em thinks Vader is scary but only cares for the red lightsaber go figure. Our kids are total villains!

    I too was sacrificed to watching it with my now husband. The first few times I fell asleep. But then he made we watch the first two before Force Awakens– which I really really liked. I basically called the plot twist before we made it to it and he’s like “but how?” And I’m just like “it was obvious.”

    I’ve always loved Chewie though… even before I watched them. He’s just so cute and fluffy!

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    1. Gah, I’m sorry! Gonna edit.

      Haha that they are! I loved TFA, so many awesome new characters! Rogue One is one of the best movies I’ve seen, it’s really so good that anyone who hasn’t watched any other Star Wars movies can appreciate it I think.

      Baby Girl picked up a Chewy backpack my son has last week, which has the fur and all, and said “Chewy got such pretty hair, Mommy” lol!

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  8. I remember going to see the very first “Star Wars” movie when it came out in the theaters. Back then, the special effects were considered mind-boggling. How far we have come.

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  9. My son loves all the Star Wars movies. We’ve seen all the older ones on TV and have seen the two new ones with him at the cinema. Already he is talking about booking our tickets for the next one (which will come out at the end of the year!!)

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