#AtoZChallenge: A is for Alphabet Store

Woohoo, it’s April A to Z Challenge time! Thirty days of trying not to procrastinate are ahead of me.

To get things started — if you didn’t read my post from yesterday, my theme for the challenge is Things Kids Say. I have two hilarious kids (sometimes intentionally and some unintentionally) that I love to talk about, so why not? Since the basis for my posts will already be provided, all I have to do is come up with a doodle to go along with them. (Yeah right, I’ll totally get behind and have a day where I write H, I, J, and K are for Hey, I’m Just Kidding or something like that.)

So, for today I’m pulling out something Little Man (who is 9 now) said when he was a bit younger.

I went to school to become a teacher and did teach for a year before going the mommy route. So, when he mentioned the “alphabet store,” I automatically assumed that he was referring to the teaching supply store we had gone in once when he was much younger. That wasn’t it, though. I guessed “library” next, but that wasn’t it, either. A few minutes later, though, he was able to show me the place he wanted to visit:

Oh, that alphabet store. The one we drive past every day with the letters on it, just like he said. D’oh! I had to break it to him that, no, he couldn’t visit the alphabet store until he was 21. This didn’t sit well with him because “they shouldn’t call it an ABC store if they don’t want kids to come in,” but there wasn’t much I could do about that.

(In case you’re wondering, Mommy totally visited the alphabet store later.)

And that’s that for the first day! If you’re here for the A to Z Challenge, please leave a link to your post so I can be sure to drop by.

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Author: Erika

I’m a SAHM to two kids. When I’m not doing all the typical mom things (diapers, soccer, etc.), I like writing, reading, and playing games. Clearly I live the life of a rock star.

46 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge: A is for Alphabet Store”

  1. Ha – the ABC store – you must live in the South. I have always wondered why they call it the ABC store. Kids are the funniest! I still chuckle about the things my kids said when they were little!

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  2. Ah that’s gas. If you’re like me, you’ll make many a visit to the Alphabet Store during the month of April. I need it cos I’m blogging with my mammy. She drives me nuts at times. She’s deaf as a post and says she never eats while stuffing her face, and still tells me what to do. There may be similarities between my mammy and your kids, because like kids I think my mas hearing is somewhat selective. Pop on over sometime. Great start to #AtoZChallenge by the way. Bernie Rose. xxx http://www.dublinhousewife.com

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    1. I hope so! The older one told me I was ruining his reputation by writing that he called me “Mommy” some years ago, but hopefully he’ll appreciate it down the line 🙂

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  3. 😂😂😂😂. Oh why, oh why do you smack me with a pound of laughter. I am right here picturing your little guy thinking “my mommy does get it!”. The alphabet store should be obvious 😂. Thank-you again for my daily dose of laughter 😂😂😂❤

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  4. What a great post! Awrsome idea! Love reading about what kiddos come out with! I chose to do poetry in alliteration for the challenge.. only on C, and already wondering what on earth I was thinking!

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