#ThingsToddlersSay: Feel Better

Kids can be hilarious at times — sometimes it’s intentional, and sometimes it’s not. And sometimes they can do things so sweet that you wonder how you managed to put something so kindhearted into the world. (And, to be fair, you also sometimes wonder how you managed to put little heathens in the world.)

Last Sunday, I wasn’t feeling great — I wasn’t sick, but had some cramping stuff going on and needed to lie down and use the heating pad. Unfortunately, Baby Girl is not a fan of me lying down, ever.

“Mommy, you not go to sleep! You get up and play with me!” the two-year-old tyrant demanded.

When I explained to her that I wasn’t feeling well and needed to lie down and suggested we read, she informed me in no uncertain terms that I wasn’t sick. “Mommy, you not sick. You don’t need the medicine. Please, get up! We go play Peppa and Batman and cook…”

She wasn’t short for ideas of things to do that didn’t include me lying on the heating pad. I thought I had convinced her to go play with her brother or her dad for a bit when she disappeared. A few minutes later, though, she was back carrying a little Halloween bucket that she had gotten from McDonald’s. The doodle below shows the sweet moment that followed.

Gah. My heart immediately melted. I asked my husband if he had suggested doing something to make me feel better, but this one was all on her own. It didn’t matter a bit that it was someone’s leftover bottle of water from the table and stale pretzels and popcorns leftover from a snack — I ate and drank every bit of it. And, yes, I eventually moved to the floor to play (thankfully that heating pad has a heck of a long cord).

What’s something your child has done that made your heart melt?

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Author: Erika

Iā€™m a SAHM to two kids. When Iā€™m not doing all the typical mom things (diapers, soccer, etc.), I like writing, reading, and playing games. Clearly I live the life of a rock star.

31 thoughts on “#ThingsToddlersSay: Feel Better”

    1. She has her moments! And thanks! I use Adobe Illustrator Draw on my iPad. It’s an awesome app, so much easier than trying to draw something on paper.

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  1. My youngest is now 11. I have Celiac’s Disease and there are days I am in pain. She goes to a small, Christian school. They will take turns praying. I picked her up one day and she said, “Today we prayed for you. That you will start to feel better soon.”

    She’s always done random stuff like that. It melts my heart to be raising an empathetic child who will think of others. Sounds like you are doing the same!

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  2. I’ve been raging at my toddler all day thanks to the gift of PMS. It was so bad that I had to blog about it. Then 5 minutes after I posted it, she looks at me with a cold hot-dog in hand and asks, “Mommy, is hot-dog a fruit?”

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  3. Love how you capture the dual nature of toddlers! Their tyrannical tendencies and the creative love they give. Yesterday I was beginning to lose my patience when helping my almost-3-year-old get dressed. Out of the blue she said, “Mommy, I like doing things with you.” Heart melted.

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  4. My sons are now in their thirties but when they were kids and I wasn’t feeling well I’d hear “Would you like a nice cup of tea, Sweetheart?” The fact that they called me Sweetheart made everything better.

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