Angels vs. Demons

When I went for a conference with Little Man’s teacher a while back, I noticed that a list of chores on the wall. There were different tasks, like emptying the waste bin, stacking chairs, collecting papers, etc. And each task had a picture of a student velcroed next to it.

“So, Little Man, you do one of the chores on this list every day?” I asked him.

“Yep! Our teacher lets us do chores every day. ” (Yes, he said that she “lets” them do chores.)

Since he sounded enthusiastic (and he never sounds enthusiastic about work), I figured there must have been some type of reward involved, so I asked if they were getting paid anything — maybe classroom currency that could be redeemed for pencils or something.

“No. This is our classroom and we all have a job to do.”

That sounds mature and responsible, right? Well, I’ve said the same thing about our home, how the family has to work together to keep it nice, but he wasn’t quite as enthusiastic over taking care of our shared space. Go figure.

It’s funny that their attitudes can vary so much depending on where the chore was assigned. Chores at school? Special privileges. Chores at home? Modern day torture technique to be avoided at all costs.

Author: Erika

I’m a SAHM to two kids. When I’m not doing all the typical mom things (diapers, soccer, etc.), I like writing, reading, and playing games. Clearly I live the life of a rock star.

11 thoughts on “Angels vs. Demons”

  1. It’s amazing how rewards at home just don’t work. My daughter went over to her friends to help her tidy her room. I asked if she was going to come over and do the same for her. She looked at me like I had said something completely illogical and offensive!

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    1. Gah, kids! We tried chore charts and making it fun (well, as fun as possible), but the only thing that works for us it telling our oldest that he has to earn screen with chores. Of course, he still grumbles every time and probably spends more time dragging his feet and whining that he does on the actual chore.


  2. At my daughter’s school they do chores. The best chore? Vacuuming! That is the coveted chore they all hope to be picked for. Meanwhile, at home, I get, “can I do it later?”, “but WHYYYYYYYYY” or, “do I have to?”. Same responses…no, cuz I said so and yes you have to. We are over pep talks. Regardless of my never-ending chore list, I am not the maid and everyone works here.

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